Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Web camera software senses motion, triggers siren, captures snapshots, records video, and sends captured images by e-mail

I'm using camera application. I
can webcast Online video to view my room
from anywhere.

Webcam software detects motion, sounds alarm, captures images, records video, and sends captured images by email

With my new

webcamera application
, I can run a streaming show
of my apartment visible online. This opens up a league
of possibilities, the surface of which has not even been scratched in today's world. I can use
this webcast for surveillance purposes, allowing me to see what's going on in my apartment
at any time from a remote viewing pc.

As long as I have the camera
running and a remote workstation with Online access, I can watch the room.
With the software and the camera, I can change the settings to capture picture,
detect activity (if I don't want to keep the camera running at all times),
or use a mixture of a online feed and recorded video to implement a protection
system that takes full benefit of novel know-how.

With a capture card,
I can simply transfer related video and screenshots to use on
any workstation.

With delicate data on my computer
and useful stuff in my site,
it only makes sense to have a protection setup that I can monitor whenever I feel that my privacy
is being compromised. If I owned a small company or lived with roommates, I couldn't imagine
living without it.

Broadcasting live video and audio from capture device
through web camera computer software

Streaming live video and audio from capture device via webcamera server application

Surveillance software

If you find yourself with a need to record surveillance video with a web camera over an area,

web camera
server application

may be the right choice for you. Using this application, it is possible to set up a
camera to detect movement and begin recording once it does.

Depending on your needs, the sights and sounds that are picked up by the webcam may be stored on a hard drive, or if the captured video
needs to be available off-site, can be webcast using the server's streaming
feature to a website.

Depending on the quality of the webcam and the viewer's video card, the picture that is recorded may be as clear as a high-definition television signal.
Using a install like this, it is possible to provide a measure of surveillance for an area while
the economics of the situation do not justify hiring a security business or setting up a professional monitoring system.


do-it-yourself approach

can save money while not compromising on protection.

Webcam software identifies activity, triggers
alarm, captures snapshots, records video, and sends captured images by e-mail

Webcam software detects motion, sounds siren, captures images, records video, and sends captured images by e-mail
are fine for more than just making online communications
more practical. They can in addition be
an extremely functional device
for use in house or commercial protection.


is now available that can identify activity and use
it as a trigger for several procedures.

The way that
it works is to analyze the picture sent by a webcam that is either attached by USB
or through a video capture card for movement. After it picks up
that motion, it can then take any number of actions,
including triggering an alarm.

An other popular application, though, is to either
send live shots of what is happening in the scene that is covered by the camera
or to even broadcast by live broadcasting accurately what is
happening with both audio and image. If installed covertly,
this application could even be used for secret surveillance.

Given the
large amount of devices that either have a web camera attached
or can support one, this is an perfect way to inexpensively and easily guard
the spot across that workstation
from infringement or theft.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Content Assassin

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Saturday, 7 May 2011


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Thursday, 5 May 2011

That You Might Not Have Been Aware Of-Affiliate Program

Google Adsense is a structured way to earn good money out of what Google makes from its advertisers on Adwords. The way it works is that advertisers pay top dollar to get their ads listed on Google. Google gets paid on every click that happens on the ad. Affiliate programs can be very different in their own ways which is why its important to do more research.

By distributing the ads on your website and mine, they stand to gain more exposure, regain advertising funds quicker and also pay us good money!

The reason Adsense has become so popular is because it allows websites like ours to earn good money from the commissions Google receives from advertisers. By just placing a couple of ads on the site, you can earn a good commission percentage. However, there are certain drawbacks that an Adsense program has.

One good thing about Adsense is its immediate ability to boost your page ranking and popularity on search engines. That way you tend to receive a lot of traffic to your affiliate site. Also, people with affiliate programs on their site can actually look at Adsense as an alternate way of supplementing their income. Adsense lets you monitor which ads are performing and earning you most income. They do this by placing some Javascript code into your site which monitors the performance.

Most of the time the traffic that comes to your site will most likely not find what they are looking for, on your site alone. That's where Adsense helps you. One good thing about Adsense is its immediate ability to boost your page ranking and popularity on search engines. That way you tend to receive a lot of traffic to your affiliate site. Also, people with affiliate programs on their site can actually look at Adsense as an alternate way of supplementing their income. In order to make your Adsense program most profitable as part of your affiliate program, you need to ensure you have contextual and relevant ads placed on your site. Else it defeats the very purpose.

You want customers to click on these ads if they don't find something on your site. Hence it needs to be closely related to your website theme and your own products. Most contextual ads are characterized by lots of clicks but poor conversion rates. So make sure to test these ads out before placing them on your site. Pros and cons Both affiliate marketing and Google's Adsense have their own pitfalls and benefits. Here we explain the pros and cons of each.

Both Adsense as well as affiliate marketing have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Affiliate program methods can be utilized quite easily but you are going to have to study things over in the beginning so that you do not make too many mistakes. Therefore, the best approach would be to balance the two to maximize your income potential online. You could have content on your site which you are interested in, while combining it with Adsense revenues. Every site needs plenty of effort. You need to spend time in creating product reviews, email list creation as well as web content creation - which can take up considerable time.

Main focus is on creating and building email lists since they are the backbone for all promotional efforts.
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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Pay Spree

If you sell digital products online you are no doubt aware of the two most popular affiliate networks, ClickBank and PayDotCom.

While both of these are great and I highly recommend each of them, today I came across a brand new service that really caught my attention. It's called PaySpree and the reason it caught my attention is that ALL its members get paid for their sales instantly by PayPal.

Even affiliates get paid for their referred sales instantly by PayPal.

I expect it to become quite a hit as the lure of 'instant commissions'  played a big part in the massive success of products such as 7DollarSecrets and the RapidActionProfits scripts.

I've actually come across products for sale that are just lists of affiliate programs that pay instant paypal commission. And I've seen many threads in the various internet marketing forums asking about where to find instant commission affiliate programs. Now there is an entire site and marketplace dedicated to them.

As soon as you become a member you can start promoting any product in the marketplace, and you can add your own products so affiliates can promote them for you. All commission payments are handled automatically by PaySpree, it sounds like a winner to me.

I've just signed up and had a look around the site and it seems pretty simple and non cluttered, check it out at the link below and let me know what you think:


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Monday, 14 February 2011

Auto Coupon Cash Scam Or Cash Machine? You Decide!

If you were to believe everything that came into your inbox, not only would you be best friends with a Nigerian Prince, but EVERYTHING about you would be bigger, including your bank balance. After all, besides the various pills and potions, the Internet is also full of "money making opportunities".

Its easy to turn your nose up at products and courses that claim all sorts of fantastic benefits. Most advertisements online will promise you fame, fortune, and easy ways to stay in shape. Still, just because many of these promises will never be delivered, and this is a super-important point, that doesn't mean that EVERY work from home product is a scam.

While its creators do exaggerate their claims a bit, for my part, I've found that the product is made with way more fact than fiction.

Essentially, they are claiming that one of the most powerful tools people can use to generate sales is coupons. This is a pretty big claim to be making...

Of course, they are absolutely right.

The part that is exaggerated is the way they imply that once you have these coupons, sales are just going to fall from the sky. The fact of the matter is that their "method" requires a bit of work to make go, but once you set it up, its remarkably effective.

But I'll be honest, that's not even the best part.

Their main product is a STEAL at $37, but the best part doesn't come until AFTER you've already bought that!

Every product has its "upsell" but I've never seen an upsell that was more valuable than the actual product!

They are actually offering sites that grab leads for you and that they'll update for you on a DAILY basis! With UNIQUE CONTENT!

This isn't some trashy PLR product, this is actual writers creating unique articles for sites that they professionally put together for you! Plus they update - so they don't leave much of anything for you to do but make money!

To get this gem of a service though, you've got to buy their initial product, plus the two upsells at the end. You can always return it all if you DON'T think its valuable (but you'd have to be a moron to think that once you see what you get!).

In fact, if I could only name one thing that they do extremely well, its that they certainly don't leave you high and dry.

Overall, the product is excellent at creating a strong foundation for online earnings. While its not as easy as they imply to get their method to work, once you get it going the money practically earns itself!

The sites themselves are high quality, come hosted, complete with updates, which is I have to say that if you were looking for some bad news on Auto Coupon Cash, you'll be looking a long time!

To grab your Auto Coupon Cash package before they are COMPLETELY sold out, just click the link below now! This offer is good for a limited time only, and in my opinion, its an opportunity that you can't afford to miss!



Thursday, 3 February 2011