Saturday, 3 December 2016

My Latest Dream

Well hello there my lovely readers, nice to see you here once again.Have not been doing much in the way of blog's recently.Have been having a night mare from the dreaded paypal saga.😉

Hello again readers this time am here to talk once again about dreams and the way they can be helpful or not to the depressed person who is having them. This is the time of year between Christmas and the new year. This time  i have had two such dreams within a week of each other all the people involved in them are family or close friends. The one i am telling you about just now and involves my mother who died fifteen years ago. My mother was a midwife and delivered lots of babies when she was alive. In this dream she was telling me that she had accepted another case as in a new mother had asked her to deliver her new baby. My mother was so excited about it that she telephoned someone whilst i was listening who ever she phoned wanted to talk to me. I was quite rude and asked who she was. THEN I WOKE UP.